Friday, July 20, 2007

Bonde do Role - Solta O Frango 7" SIGNED

Brazilians are making quite a splash lately and the latest ones to invade are the mashup/rap/disco/punk outfit Bonde do Role. Pure Groove Records has a nice little 7" signed by the band. So, as you beatbox around your house, you can rest easy that your 7" box is just a little...phatter.

Solta O Frango Tracklist:
  1. Solta O Frango
  2. Rap Do CB
EDIT: There is a nice article on Bonde do Role in Fader #47 as well, so check it out in this crazy downloadable PDF if you'd like to learn more. Isn't learning fun?

Bonde Do Role - Vitiligo

Merry Christmas from Bella Union featuring My Latest Novel, Devics and Robert Gomez/Midlake

So, I've been working a 60 hour week this week. I apologize for a lack of content. That said, here's some fun stuff.

I'm don't shy away from posting Christmas music in July (I actually posted another one on Monday!). So, here we go. Bella Union has a limited-edition 3-inch CD with 3 Christmas songs featuring the likes of My Latest Novel, Devics and 2 members of one of my favorite bands, Midlake. Fantastic! This is very limited and STILL AVAILABLE! Hopefully they'll do another one this year...I need more material for Christmas Mix 2007, Dear Catastrophe Santa.

Merry Christmas from Bella Union!
  1. My Latest Novel - Outside it's Christmas
  2. Devics - Silent Night
  3. Robert Gomez and Eric Pulido - Feliz Navidad